Yet another one for News of the Weird.

In a savvy if not morally ambiguous move, the Auto-Tune the News people and their unlikely foil-turned-hero Antoine Dodson have released their song, “Bed Intruder” to the iTunes store.

That's right, for $1.29, you can own a copy of already iTunes chart-climbing hit (#35) by Antoine Dodson and the Gregory Brothers featuring Kelly Dodson, of course, the potential victim of the attempted sexual assault that, um, inspired the entire thing.

The Gregory Brothers are the skinny dudes (and chick) behind the viral TV news spoof, and this isn't their first iTunes sale.

In fact, an earlier attempt to move a song created from the ecstatic ramblings of Yosemitebear (a.k.a. the Double Rainbow guy) more or less flopped.

Check out the final version of “Bed Intruder” after the jump.

Here it is on iTunes. There are T-shirts too.

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