Internally Yours by Nouar

Some of the art currently on display at Corey Helford looks so good, you might be tempted to peel it off the wall and eat it. Maniacal Jell-O molds tromping through the blood of their deceased compatriots. A flirty cowgirl with a glistening Jolly Rancher for a head. A translucent puppy digesting an unhappy bone. This weird, wild landscape of psychedelic gummy bears and animated food is the work of Nouar, on display now through June 29th in the exhibit “Internally Yours.”

Internally Yours by Nouar

“The work has multiple layers of meaning,” says Nouar. Is it a metaphor about family? About the way we treat each other in the world? About genetically modified food? No idea, but that doesn't diminish the visual pleasure of the show.

The works start out as relief sculptures. Nouar (pronounced “noo-ar”) then makes a silicone mold and pours in a proprietary blend of resin and dye, which takes one to two days to set. She pops the semi-translucent sculptures out of their molds and affixes them to her canvas backdrops. “My goal is to make it look as edible as possible,” says Nouar, whose inspiration for the show came from the characters in old advertisements and food packages. “Most everything I do, it revolves around food.”

“Internally Yours” runs through June 29th at Corey Helford in Culver City.

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