As the Agua Dulce fire station shooting investigation continues, we now know there was a possible workplace dispute leading up to the incident.

The 20-year firefighter who was shot and killed was identified as Tory Carlon, 44, a specialist engineer at L.A. County Fire Station 81 in Agua Dulce. The coroner’s office confirmed that 45-year-old Jonathan Tatone, who also worked at the station, was the suspected gunman.

Although a clear motive has yet to be reached, L.A. Sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Dean told the Associated Press there had been a job-related conflict between Tatone and Carlon, adding, “It sounds like they didn’t like each other.”

Officials said Tatone led law enforcement to his Acton home, where the house was set on fire and Tatone found dead with a gunshot wound to the head.

“Today is truly a sad day and a tragic day for the Los Angeles County Fire Department,” Fire Chief Daryl L. Osby said Tuesday after the incident. “It is with a heavy heart that I stand here and say that one of our firefighter specialists succumbed from his injuries. He was a brave, committed, loyal member of our department for over 20 years.”

The fire captain who was wounded and airlifted to Henry Mayo hospital in Valencia was not named by investigators, but was identified as a former deputy sheriff, according to L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Wednesday.

As of this update, the captain is still in critical condition, but is recovering after “life-saving surgery.”

“Information that Lt. Brandon Dean provided yesterday at the press conference is about as good of information as we can release from this point forward,” Villanueva said in an Instagram livestream Wednesday. “Unlike other people that want to jeopardize criminal investigation, … we want to get an understanding of what motivated this attack, which was just unheard of.”

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