Starting Jan. 14, Intelligentsia Coffee will serve Mr. Holmes Bakehouse’s pastries in all of its Los Angeles locations, including Venice, Pasadena and Silver Lake.

Mr. Holmes hit it big in San Francisco with its cruffin — a sugared croissant baked in a muffin tin — and opened an L.A. location in Highland Park this year. The signature item will not be available at Intelligentsia (that would be too perfect, probably), but the collaboration menu still sounds pretty interesting. The Cali Croissant, stuffed with smoked salmon, ginger, wasabi and nori, is the one savory item. The rest of the list includes:

Chocolate croissant
Matcha croissant
Ferrero Rocher croissant
Cookie dough bear claw
Strawberry rhubarb Danish
Chocolate chip cookie
Cornflake cookie

Intelligentsia is about to provide you with the caffeine/sugar high of a lifetime.

LA Weekly