Happy 4-20 friends! Yes, it's the unofficial toker holiday known as Four Twenty (which hardcore stoners actually celebrate every day, at 4:20 p.m.). We may or may not have been avid observers of this puff-fest back in college, but these days we get lethargic just thinking about it.

Still, there are some smokin' soirees happening today, and we plan to pop into a few of 'em. Thought we'd share a couple with those of you lucky to enough to check the blogs on weekends.

The Standard Hotel Downtown should be burnin' up when DJ Sneak spins for Traffic Events pool party today. He spins at -when else?- 4:20, but before and after, expect a roster of dance floor rousers and mind-blowing electro beats.

If we aren't (literally) burnt out after that we'll definitely be heading over to Safari Sam's where Rock City News (remember them?) hosts a bud bash with Drettie Page (see photo above), a pin-up for the pot generation who'll be giving out copies of her calendar to attendees. The invite also says Green Jello are performing, and anyone who remembers their strange stage spectacles knows to expect a riot. (Whether or not there's many of the original members from the “Three Little Pigs” era, we don't know).

Either way, Rosemary's Billygoat promises wicked wackiness (this is the band known for serving pentagram pizzas to the crowd while roasting plastic baby dolls on a spit).

Okay, a groovin' reggae night might be a preferable way to puff the night away, but for those fond of watching The Wizard of Oz while playing Dark of the Moon, bong in hand, this is the perfect night of high-jinx.

Oh and last time we checked marijuana was illegal, so if you're gonna partake (and we don't advocate it) do so before you go out and get a designated driver, just as you would if you were drinking.

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