Innventure: Founding, Funding, & Operating Influential Ventures

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In every industry, there are unmet market needs that are simply waiting for disruptive innovations to come along and meet them, creating value for not only the market, but also the venture and its stakeholders.

Innventure specializes in creating, funding, and building early-stage ventures that go on to influence the world. They are pioneers in the science of company creation and have dedicated themselves to accelerating the success of their ventures while lowering their overall risk. As the company has grown, Innventure has bucked tradition and blazed a new path for business investment and emerging technologies.

“If you represent a multinational corporation and have disruptive technologies that do not fit your commercialization strategy, our approach and our team is focused on how we can accelerate those technologies into commercial realities with a business plan designed to solve your strategic requirements,” explains Bill Haskell, Innventure’s CEO.

By diving into marketing data to uncover undeveloped or underdeveloped technologies, Innventure helps take emerging ventures and transforms them into potential billion-dollar juggernauts.

Validating emerging technologies

The multinational corporation (MNC) landscape is full of people bringing their innovations forward, hoping someone will take notice so their venture will be able to take off. However, with the business world so crowded with people trying to achieve individual success, getting a spotlight on one’s offerings and ideas can be challenging.

This is where experts in emerging technologies, marketing, and business building — such as Innventure — come into the picture.

“Validating emerging technology is incredibly important in today’s business environment,” explains Haskell. “With the rapid pace of technological change, businesses that fail to keep up risk becoming irrelevant or losing market share to competitors who are quicker to adopt new technologies.”

Innventure employs a systematic, quantitative approach in founding and funding companies to pinpoint the best opportunities for success and mitigate risk in the often-turbulent world of emerging technologies and venture capital. By validating technologies before going “all in” on an investment of time and capital, Innventure has built a string of high-growth ventures.

“Validating emerging technology allows businesses to assess the potential benefits and risks of a new technology before making significant investments of time and resources,” Haskell  says. “Businesses can determine whether a technology is worth pursuing further and whether it aligns with their overall business strategy.”

Years of business, financial, and marketing experience inform each decision Innventure makes regarding what ventures they decide to pursue. Through careful validation, Innventure can also pinpoint potential roadblocks that may arise during implementation and develop strategies for addressing those challenges. The collective experience and market knowledge of Innventure’s team help them predict potential hurdles while scaling businesses, which subsequently helps avoid venture-ending pitfalls.

The thorough validation process is a keystone of Innventure’s service and informs how to position a New Innventure Company in the marketplace. “By staying abreast of emerging technologies, businesses can position themselves as innovative and forward-thinking, which can help attract customers, partners, and investors,” explains Haskell.

A new approach to business

Innventure brings something different to the venture capital model, setting itself apart from the competition. The company is not solely focused on generating returns for its investors, but also on creating strategic value for its corporate partners. In addition, Innventure founds its portfolio companies in strategic collaboration with its corporate partners, providing the initial funding, management expertise, and other resources needed to create and scale into a highly successful company.

Lastly, Innventure’s business model is built around long-term partnerships with its corporate partners. Where many other venture capitalists look to sell portfolio companies as quickly as possible, Innventure is more interested in building sustainable, long-term businesses.

“Our business model is designed to create, fund, operate, and rapidly scale successful, sustainable businesses centered around technologies designed to solve a strategic need for the multinational partner,” says Haskell. “This differs from a typical venture capital model, which is focused primarily on generating returns for its investors through the sale of portfolio companies.”

Through a scientific, quantitative approach, Innventure is upending the view of the venture capitalist and building high-earning, disruptive companies that are changing the technology landscape. Innventure doesn’t just bet on a single technology or business idea but instead places on its  team’s proven ability.

Innventure has launched three successful companies since its inception (PureCycle, AeroFlexx, and Accelsius) —pairing forgotten technology innovations from MNCs with market needs. With an eye on market viability, Innventure’s unique approach has proven to be exactly what many emerging business ventures need to take their business to the next level.

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