Innovative Imaging Company, oVio Technologies, Announces Participation At Las Vegas Aesthetics Event

oVio Technologies, a 360o imaging company, has recently announced its plans to attend The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas. From July 7th to 9th, they will be presenting the oVio360™ system. oVio has partnered with many clinics and medical professionals who benefit from their systems’ speed, efficient processing, and standardized photos and videos. The company expects to make many connections and learn about different providers who may need their solutions. oVio will be doing live demonstrations of their system, offering before and after photos, and demonstrating new system enhancements.

The Aesthetic Show: Where Science Meets Beauty will be an environment for cultivating industry relationships and learning new information about the best players in the field. Hosted at the WYNN hotel, the event will have conferences for practitioners to share their knowledge and a multi-disciplinary expo. Over 2,000 visitors will be attending in addition to the 175 exhibitors and 90 presenters.

oVio has attended several trade shows and tech events to highlight the unique applications of the oVio360™ system. They are specifically looking forward to presenting at The Aesthetic Show considering how in-demand their system is for the industry. They have numerous plastic surgeons, general practitioners, and other medical professionals who utilize their technology for simplifying the imaging process. They have partnerships on five continents and have been transforming medical imaging for a very long time.

For practitioners who don’t have oVio’s advanced tech, they must take all of their photos themselves. This process is time-consuming and requires better technology than what these offices have. Therefore, no employee enjoys capturing patient photos and videos and the patients themselves don’t receive quality results. Clinics take photos with a variety of devices, but the lighting and centering are never uniform. This makes the content look unprofessional when being placed side by side or posted on social media. This is why the oVio360™ system is popular for its unique capability of creating 360o standardized images also available in HD video.

CEO George Rebensdorf says, “Besides producing standardized images and taking the medical office out of the photography, the oVio360™ streamlines a process that’s fundamental to their business success. It allows them to take 360 still photos in just 12 seconds. They can then create seamless side-by-side comparisons and access 360o video files of their images. This allows them to see every single change in a before and after environment that would be important to patients. Additionally, every time the  oVio360™ takes an image, it’s automatically uploaded to the cloud. External software is no longer needed.”

oVio’s future is full of partnerships and expansions into several industries. Their  oVio360™ dynamic imaging enables them to offer different solutions to public and private corporations across the globe. To capitalize on this strength, oVio Aesthetics is interested in expanding its presence in the Australian aesthetics market as well as growing its presence in Europe and the Middle East. oVio is creating additional proprietary technology that can be utilized in other medical applications in addition to aesthetics and dermatology.

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