In what has got to be the lamest Carmageddon stunt yet — surpassing, we would argue, last year's super kooked-out planking display (anyone still remember planking?) — some inline skaters took to the 405 during the Carmageddon II freeway shutdown this fall.

They recently posted a video (after the jump).

While breaking the law and boasting that they're rolling down a freeway with a 500 foot decline (they erroneously exaggerate it as a “vertical drop”), these Mountain Dew-sipping bad asses wear …

… their helmets and knee pads. Safety first.

Carmegeddun II The Skate from crimanimalz-skate on Vimeo.

Someone needs to tell these action-sports heroes that inline skating is to skateboarding what bodyboarding is to surfing. (If you had half an ounce of coolness in your body, this would have been the way to go).

Inline skaters have surpassed mimes as the most-clowned specimen on the boardwalks of Southern California. Just sayin.'

Anyway, the video, with much fanfare and wind-up, is dark and grainy, as if this is some death-defying adventure on par with hiking through North Korea.

Ooh, and these “skaters” actually get tickets. That's a trophy, bro.

The video actually states that the crew delayed uploading the video until after “we settled with the city.”

Yeah. Paying off a traffic ticket is tantamount to a complex legal negotiation. Hardcore.

The best thing about the video is that it ends. After eight-and-a-half long minutes.

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