Inel Williams Celebrates Children’s Book and Guided Journal Releases

As the summer months heat up, reading remains a safe and entertaining pastime for all. Inel Williams is an author, but beyond that, she is a mother of triplets and wife to Joe, a well-known businessman from North Central Florida, making her family a big inspiration for her writing. Inel, who has also made a career as a real estate investor, businesswoman, assisted living owner and author, shares her stories with a broad audience, mainly targeting children, adolescents, and women. Her books have found much success on Amazon, with a few of her releases also being sold at Barnes and Noble.

As an immigrant and black woman from Jamaica, Inel has found solace in the knowledge that years of hard work paid off and resulted in the career she’s built today. Looking back, she shares the pride she has regarding how far she’s come, and what the American Dream has done for her thus far. After spending the past 30 years in America working towards her goals, she shares that “success comes from pushing through uncertainty, difficult times, and fatigue. It can become challenging to continue on in pursuit of your dreams, but you just have to want it. Your desires will fuel you through to the end, and your efforts will never be in vain.”

Her most cherished job may be as a mother and wife, and Inel finds much inspiration through her own home-life, her experiences, and her beliefs. Her children’s book brand, which sells under the name “Inel Williams”, is not her only success, however. She also sells guided journals for women, branded under an alternative name of “Inell Williams” with two L’s at the end of her first name. Her journal, “Healing Affirmations For Christian Black Women” is sold on Amazon in both hard-cover and paper-back versions – The daily journal guide offers prompts to help girls and women “self-reflect, grow, and bring you closer to Christ”.

Inel’s books, being sold on Amazon, have been rated highly in their respective categories. Two of her children’s book releases are “Girls and Boys Brushing Your Teeth is Fun” and “Jesus Has Big Feelings Too”. Her children’s books ar e multicultural and educational in nature, and she hopes that she can help these young readers feel inspired by the familiar feelings and values shared in her stories. “My greatest hope is that kids who read these books can see themselves in the characters and stories,” says Inel. “It’s so important that children feel represented and supported in society, their communities, and even their own family. I pray that anyone who gets to read these stories will be left with an invigorated love for reading.”

These journals and children’s books contribute to her success as an author and businesswoman, and she certainly never loses track of the goals she’s worked so hard to achieve. Through much hard work and dedication, Inel hopes to inspire other women, no matter their background, to seek out their own aspirations and build something tangible through those goals.

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