Have you watched the cult TV series “Great Kills” yet?

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Season 2 of Great Kills (a Tubi original) is in the works, and if you have missed this gem of a show, it is time to catch up. Tubi is free so you have nothing to lose, especially if you have felt lately that the more there are streaming platforms, the less you can find good, bingeable TV shows. Sleeper hit indie TV show Great Kills is like if Barry had met Dwight from the office and the crew of What we do in the Shadows. This dark comedy mockumentary has become a cult viral sensation on Tubi through the power of word of mouth.

Great Kills centers around Thomas Lynch (Steve Stanulis), an enigmatic and oddly endearing small-time hitman from Great Kills, Staten Island. The show adopts a mockumentary format, with a documentary filmmakers crew capturing every aspect of Tom’s life, including the violent murders he is hired to carry out. The bizarre contradiction between Tom’s personal life and his profession sets the stage for a dark comedy that blends humor, satire, and a dash of suspense. The show’s unconventional premise immediately intrigues viewers, drawing them into a world where the line between reality and fiction blurs.

At the heart of Great Kills is Steve Stanulis, (5th Borough) who delivers a captivating performance as Thomas Lynch. Stanulis’s ability to portray the character’s complexity with a mix of deadpan humor, vulnerability, and underlying menace adds depth to the show. James Merendino (SLC Punk!) not only plays the role of James Terror, the director in the mockumentary, but also directs a large ensemble of amazing actors through improvised performances. Co-writer, Lisa Hammer (Venture Brothers) along with Levi Wilson also star as the cynical and inept crew that are documenting Tom’s life.

While ‘Great Kills’ may have begun as a relatively unknown indie TV show, it quickly found its way to the hearts of viewers with an 8.8 average score on IMDB. Audiences captivated by the dark humor and unconventional storytelling are telling their friends to watch it. Memorable scenes, clever dialogues, and the intriguing central premise sparked conversations, generating a buzz that spread like wildfire. As viewers eagerly recommended ‘Great Kills’ to their friends and followers, the show’s popularity snowballed, ultimately leading to its cult success, Season 2 has just been announced.

Since Scorsese’s iconic New York centric movies, it has been hard to find fiction that reflects New York’s authentic scene. This show does that perfectly with Staten Island. ‘Great Kills’ appeals to a niche audience hungry for unique and offbeat content that

defies mainstream norms. The blend of dark comedy, mockumentary style, and the exploration of complex characters lends itself to a cult following. Fans of the show find themselves immersed in a world that simultaneously dissects and celebrates the absurdity of life, drawn to its unconventional storytelling and distinctive voice.

Created and written by Merendino and Hammer, “Great Kills” is directed by Merendino, who also serves as showrunner alongside Stanulis. The show is produced by Stanulis Films and Ross Productions. Merendino, Stanulis and Jenifer Dilandro serve as executive producers, with Pat Patterson and Briana Aceti as line producer and associate producer, respectively.

“Great Kills” also stars John Bianco, Christina Mavronas, Andrew J. Langton, Tracey B. Wilson and Bari Hyman. Also making appearances are Justin C. Schilling, Rebecka Ray, Eleah Burman, J.D. Feeback, Anthony Mangano, Derek Michalak, Matt Campanella and Jerry Todisco.

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