We were happy to learn that Monsters of Folk principles Jim James (My Morning Jacket) and M. Ward (She & Him) have a food blog. James is from Louisville, KY, our hometown. We were first exposed to his sweet, billowing voice at an all-ages show in 1998. He wore a pair of pants made from stuffed animals, took them off shortly into the set, made some good jokes, and generally behaved like a man who, thirteen years later, had the right to start a blog about crème brûlée. On January 13, James wrote:

“i notice two hummingbirds sitting on the shoulders of a younger mark twain as he licks the caramel off the bottom of his brulee… and for the first time the idea of huckleberry finn pops into his mind and he smiles with the knowledge of future success. he notices me and holds up his brûlée in a “cheers” gesture- which i return- thrusting my brulee high into the air in mutual celebration.”

The fact that there hasn't been a post since January suggests that Ward and James may have prematurely lost interest. We hope not. As a musician who is friend to many musicians, we know that food looms large in the mind of a touring artist. When friends send Facebook updates from the road, they often mention what they're eating: fried peach pies in Alabama, pizza in New Haven, barbecue in Texas, and so forth. In a world in which any topic has its requisite Internet presence, we're waiting for more bands to launch entertaining, highly focused food blogs with brief life-spans. For instance, if legendary recording engineer, Shellac guitarist, and noted gourmand Steve Albini ever started a blog about mayonnaise, a condiment for which he once shared a smart recipe, we would read it. Other good blog topics some unshaven, gear-hauling van wraith should tackl include: truck stop coffee, breakfast sandwiches around the globe, and regional potato chip brands.

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