Didn't manage to make wrangle tickets for either the Dâm-Funk extravaganza at The Echo or Sarah Silverman's big night at Largo? Fear not. You can head-nod to thick grooves and laugh your ass off at the same time tonight at Crane's Hollywood Tavern, and it'll cost you all of zip. This is actually the second installment of 24/33, a monthly film and music night curated by Anticon Records co-founder Pedestrian and Restiform Bodies/Furious Stylz producer Telephone Jim Jesus, but tonight's event steps things up considerably.

Not only will TJJ and DJ Sodapop (Anticon manager Shaun Koplow) be spinning hits and unreleased works from the label's boundary-pushing 10 years, but several screenings are taking place, along with a live comedy performance. Among the shorts being shown: Blond Chili's hilarious “Namaste” web series promoting the just-out WHY? record, Eskimo Snow (with an on-screen appearance by Sunny In Philadelphia's Dennis); the bizarro “NOTgarfield” animated series by Subtle/Themselves' Doseone (who's rumored to be developing a show for Adult Swim); and the recent string of rabble-rousing PSAs put together for the release of Sole & The Skyrider Band's Plastique.

What's more, Andre Hyland (Blond Chili) and his frequent collaborator Mike Mayfield will be taking to the stage for what's sure to be a unique blend of mayhem and hilarity.


WHY? – One Rose (Alias Remix) (MP3)

Themselves – “You Ain't It” (MP3)

Sole & The Skyrider Band – “Battlefield” (ft. The Notwist's Markus Acher) (MP3)

Oh, and here's the flyer.

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