Lloyd Kaufman, who discusses and signs Direct Your Own Damn Movie!, remains a man toiling at the fringes of popular culture. Appropriately, the Troma schlock-meister appears the day before Raquel Welch signs her new book Beyond the Cleavage. Touring seemingly non-stop to support this latest version of his 2003 book Make Your Own Damn Movie!, Kaufman breaks down the directing process and – spoiler alert – how you should say “thank you” during that process whenever possible. After four decades in the business, Kaufman rather mystifyingly prides himself on things The Toxic Avenger, but he’s also responsible for bringing to public consciousness early satires on consumerism like 1980’s Mother’s Day, as well as the grim PTSD horrors of 1985’s Combat Shock. Between Kaufman’s book and Robert Rodriguez’s “Ten Minute Film Course,” you’ll be all set to film that re-imagining of The Anal Birth of Bert before you know it.

Wed., April 21, 7 p.m., 2010

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