You may be feeling apocalyptic about brick-and-mortar bookstores; perhaps your doomy self keeps telling you soon we shall sit quietly in front of our computers in the dark facing the comforting Amazon glow, wondering why we have forsaken the soft touch of the page for the cold, hard, lifeless buzz of a screen. Until that day, we can still flock to Skylight Books, the best indie bookstore in town. (Book Soup is almost as good, and scores bonus points for longevity and what some might call heart, but once you factor in the Botoxed celebs, and the hellish parking situation, and the almost certain fact that you will have a ticket for not rotating your wheels toward the curb upon your return…). Skylight has become unrivaled since the opening of its annex two years ago, housing books on the arts, music, architecture, fashion and an edlessly fascinating magazine stand that’s still one of the few racks in town to sell zines. Want Eileen Myles’s latest, The Importance of Being Iceland, on Semiotext(e)? No problem. Wanna order Eileen Myles’ new book Inferno before its release? Sure, can do. Wanna see Eileen Myles read from either of these books? Not on Skylight’s handy list of upcoming events, but absolutely the kind of thing that could happen. Skylight supports the local writing scene, hosting MFA reading events for CalArts’ critical studies candidates, Steve Erickson’s literary journal Black Clock and more, and it has a history of employing talented writers and artists [Music Editor’s note: including certain alt-weekly Music Eds]. In other words, screw your doomy self and go revel in the all-senses pleasures of interesting words and pictures on good ole paper. 1818 N. Vermont Ave., Los Feliz. (323) 660-1175, —Nikki Darling

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