Independent King: The Must-Read Book for Aspiring Entrepreneurs in the Music Industry

image1 1 victoriousLavour Sanders is a true inspiration for anyone hoping to succeed in their life’s passion. His journey in the music industry was filled with unexpected twists and turns, yet he managed to overcome setbacks and achieve his dreams. In his new book, Independent King, the man so many came to know as “Boomman” shares his inspiring story and the valuable lessons he learned.

The love of helping others to reach the heights that he has reached himself is what drives Lavour Sanders every day. The ways he has helped fellow artists are all chronicled in his incredible story. The opportunity to share in his passion makes Independent King a truly remarkable guide for anyone with an eye towards success.

Love For Music, Love For Business

Sanders’s introduction to the music industry occurred while he was still in high school, as a member of a gospel rap trio. He knew then that music was his true love. It was there that he met producer K-Rab, and the two planned to open a record label together. After graduation, he set out on his planned path and attended Morris Brown College. Unfortunately, his school’s financial difficulties and their loss of accreditation forced Sanders to enlist in the military, hoping to earn the funds needed to kickstart the label.

However, life had other plans, and Sanders returned home from active duty as a disabled veteran, becoming a stay-at-home father. He refused to give up on his dreams and chose to delve into sales, eventually earning the moniker Boomman from customers who noted his booming success in selling jewelry, cars, and shoes.

Despite early setbacks, Lavour knew what he wanted and had the hunger to lead himself there. This sense of drive opened the doors for him to become the biggest club promoter in his area, catching the attention of a major record label and becoming a force in the industry.

The Rise Of Lavour Sanders

In 2011, Sanders made his first million, collaborating with big names such as Future, 2 Chainz, and Gucci the following year. Although a tragic loss halted his momentum, he continued to support rising talent, becoming instrumental in the success of groups such as A1 Supergroup and Charlie Boy Gang. Lavour’s astute business acumen combined with his ability to both identify and nurture talent has earned him a professional reputation as an artist, manager, and label executive.

Now, as he steps firmly into the role of Lavour Sanders, Boomman holds on to the things he learned and the steps he took to achieve his goals. He plans to focus more on entrepreneurship and is sharing his knowledge and experience through his masterclass, A Million in 90 Days, and his upcoming book, Independent King. Despite the setbacks he’s faced, Sanders’ unrelenting faith in himself has led him to great success, and he looks forward to giving back to others through his educational ventures.

About Lavour Sanders

Lavour “Boomman” Sanders is a music industry veteran and successful entrepreneur with a passion for helping others achieve their dreams. He earned his first million in 2011 and has since generated millions of dollars in income for himself and others, serving thousands of artists worldwide and distributing over 7,000 songs independently through his catalog. Sanders has established himself as an innovative agent for change in the music industry through his distribution company Muzik Junky and his service-based company  Authentic Empire. He now focuses on entrepreneurship and building his empire, offering his expertise to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs through his masterclass, A Million in 90 Days, and his upcoming book, Independent King.

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