If I hear Outfield’s “Your Love,” one more time I’m gonna hurl. It’s definitely this year’s answer to Hall & Oates’ “I Can’t Go For That”- the ironic, catchy yet cheesy sing-a-long pop–rock anthem of choice for deejays right now, and a fave with today’s dance floor fiends who probably barely remember it from their diaper days.

“Josie's on a vacation far away

Come around and talk it over

So many things that I wanna say

You know I like my girls a little bit older

I just wanna use your love tonight

I don't wanna lose your love tonight….”

It’s a good tune, but what’s next? Yes? REO Speedwagon? Asia? DJ AM actually sprinkles in all three KLOS-ers into his hip-hop meets rock-pop sets- and he always makes it work. But there's something about “Your Love” that still makes the kiddies giddy and Saturday’s Neighborhood Festival at Exposition Park was no exception. Actually heard the tune three times that night and I didn't even get there til 7 p.m. It started at 3.

The Dim Mak-thrown dance party was a raging good time and if its mix of music was any indication, the mash-up mentality is definitely here to stay for a while. Bad early '80's rock bludgeoned into '70's disco on the decks (AM, Aoki). Nasty late '80's hip-hop (Spank Rock) and indie rock. Fluffy 90's soul and electro-funk (Chromeo). '70's twang and ‘tude meshed with hip hop (Mickey Avalon).

Speaking of 'tude- surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of it there, even in the VIP section, which was (not surprisingly) almost as packed as the actual concert grounds. People were there to get down and have a good time, not pose or prance. Well, most peeps anyway- Rony's Photobooth (see my recent story about him here was stationed in the VIP section.

The grass and dirt covered grounds definitely looked dance floor-like during most of the after dark performances and the vibe was playful, fun and good-natured. (Spank Rock who handed out brewskies to the crowd -I scored one in the photo pit!- even invited everybody to their after party, “At 122 Glendale Blvd.” they kept repeating).

Style-wise it was all about sunglasses at night- colored ray-bans and metallic Elvis shades worn with gaudy tees, leggings and bed-heads. Even more prevalent than the Corey Hart look though?

Hoodies, hoodies, Hoodies! I have ranted about the multi-printed hooded sweatshirt hordes buggin my eyeballs inside hot, sweaty clubs before, but now that its getting colder, they're actually apropos and this was the event to rock one undweebishly- it was outdoors after all. (My fleecy L.A.M.B. leopard hoodie was perfect for the occasion, but I only donned the actual hood part for the pic. Swear). With everyone from Dim Mak themselves to Urban Outfitters to American Apparel pimping hoods, expect to see 'em more than ever (the busier the better) as Winter nears.