“With my music, I try to represent the groups I’m a part of,” Jada Michael says on her bio. “I want to be a representation for plus-sized women. I want to be a representation for LGBTQ women. I want to be a representation of black women. I’m proud of my body type. I’m proud of my sexuality. I’m proud of my skin. I want you to feel confident when you’re listening to me. That’s my biggest goal for sure.”

Important messages for sure at any time, but certainly right now as the world is experiencing much-needed protests in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, not to mention the fact that it’s Pride month. Now is a great time to amplify a voice like Michael’s, but it’s equally important that we continue to do so after June.

“Freak” is a wonderfully sultry R&B song, about a particularly enjoyable night with her boo.

“Being the most authentic version of yourself means everything to me,” says the Miami-based singer and songwriter in a press release. “Freedom is our greatest gift and I believe it is important to exercise that as often as possible. Music and sexuality are some of the most magical abilities we have to express our freedom, mostly because they are fun as hell! I hope the vibe and lyrics of ‘Freak’ will put listeners in a mood to feel in touch with that fun and freedom. Imagine flirting on your boo, feeling like the baddest bitch in the universe and dancing like Teyana Taylor: that’s what I want for all my listeners.”

“The way you dance on me, don’t take your hands off me, girl you know I’m a freak,” she sings in the chorus. Nothing is ambiguous here, as Michael lays it all out. She wants to have a glorious evening with her girl, and she’s gonna get it.

LA Weekly