The city of Anaheim recently launched a Facebook Fan Page in its effort to woo the packed Comic-Con convention from San Diego. The city also penned an open letter to the organizers of the get-together, stating, “You need to be assured that moving to Anaheim is the best decision you could ever make.”

The city's turn to social networking was reported at The Wrap on Wednesday. The Los Angeles Convention Center is also reported to be in the running for a possible new venue for Comic-Con, which attracts 125,000 attendees in summer.

While Comic-Con in San Diego has been extremely successful, it might be getting too big for its digs down south. Also, some speculation indicates that, with all the Hollywood interest in comic-book franchises, the convention could benefit from being closer to this here industry town.

San Diego is trying to hang on to the gathering by reportedly offering 300,000 square feet of meeting space and a possible doubling of the number of area hotel rooms dedicated to its attendees.

Do we see L.A.'s city-run Convention Center fighting like this for the convention? Not at all. Like all things City Hall, there's a they'll-come-to-us arrogance at work here.

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