$IMB Coin. Get ahead of the game with the #1 cryptocurrency for property exchanges. Take advantage of the launch on September 9, 2023.

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Historically, the real estate market has been challenging, with overly long transaction periods and unnecessary red tape alienating investors and making it cumbersome to turn these assets into commodities. Start-up blockchain company Immobilium has launched an ambitious platform and crypto coin that could reshape the entire industry…

Even with the fast pace of the modern world, the current real estate market – the most extensive wealth storage- is loaded with bureaucracy.

Globally, the current real estate market needs more liquidity, with the norm being that real estate transactions take months to occur.

And while many have shrugged at this fact and chalked it up to an inconvenient but untouchable process, others have been working on ways to change the industry from within – seeing the prospect for new, untapped investment opportunities…

Introducing $IMB, the native token of the Immobilium platform. Experience a world of enhanced functionalities with this platform token.

For Immobilium Founder and CEO Sasha Poparic, there’s a gap in the market for a revolutionary change in how the real estate industry operates.

The $IMB  token provides a unique benefit to holders by offering a reduced transaction fee when buying real estate through our platform. The amount of tokens you hold directly correlates to the discount you will receive on the transaction fee. Sasha said: “We decided to start Immobilium because the Real Estate industry is ready to evolve and improve. Real Estate is the world’s largest wealth accumulation, yet it remains the least liquid asset class as the time it takes to complete transactions is the longest compared with any other asset class. In our view, this is a factor that slows growth as money is circulating slowest among the factors, but it has been considered (traditionally) the safest asset class.”

$IMB token holders will gain exclusive access to property information unavailable to the public on the platform. Unlike new users who must pay, token holders can easily retrieve this information. The provided information is not about the property but market conditions, such as whether it is priced above or below fair market value. It may also include details on rental interest for similar properties, specific micro-location information, zoning plans, and other valuable business data. This is particularly useful for investors seeking to renovate, rebuild, or upgrade properties.

Ownership of $IMB tokens grants holders the exclusive opportunity to partake in syndicated purchases. Users must have attained the Copper level of Tier ranking to engage in this process. Additionally, specific properties may stipulate that bidders or co-owners possess a specific Tier before being able to participate.

Critical to Immobilium’s plans for advancing the real estate industry is the utilization of the $IMB token or coin.

For Sasha and the business’ other founders, blockchain solves most of the problems that have made real estate transactions troublesome. Those who already use blockchain know that it allows for full transparency within each transaction and creates a certified ledger of ownership and a detailed history of purchases.

It means transactions can be more secure and significantly, much faster. In recent months, Immobilium has received significant media attention for putting forth the realistic prospect that real estate properties could be bought and sold within just 15 minutes….

$IMB Coin

Immobilium’s plans for advancing the real estate market gathered pace in recent months. The business has recently unveiled that they’ll launch the $IMB Coin – the first ever real estate crypto coin – in September 2023.

$IMB Coin will revolutionize the real estate market by creating a secure online one-stop shop for buyers, sellers, and agents to benefit from:

  • Reduced real estate transaction fees.
  • Ability to promote properties.
  • Personalized page listings.
  • Access to off-market offers and properties.
  • Participate in fractional ownership projects.

Immobilium will also offer a platform allowing users to conduct client screenings, get commissions through escrows, and receive crypto and fiat currency payments. It also extends beyond real estate and can be used for trading a wide range of digital or tangible assets.


A future of ultra-fast real estate transactions might seem too good to be accurate. Still, Immobilium’s founders quickly point out that the technology for this type of paradigm shift has been possible for years, but it hasn’t been effectively utilized.

Immobilium hopes they can revolutionize the industry with a user-friendly token and a change in mindset.

The $IMB Token lets you purchase properties and instantly engage in fractional ownership. $IMB Coin launches on September 9, 2023.

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