From the mind of self-proclaimed “anti-racist” writer Tim Wise came a fascinating look over the weekend at what the world might be like if the conservative, mostly white Tea Party were mostly black. It's particularly poignant for Southern California, where right-wing talk radio is extreme, popular (among the Tea Party class) and often critical of people of color.

Wise, for example, writes, “Imagine that a black radio host were to suggest that the only way to get promoted in the administration of a white president is by 'hating black people' … These are things that Rush Limbaugh has said … about Barack Obama's administration … “

He continues:

“Imagine a black radio talk show host gleefully predicting a revolution by people of color if the government continues to be dominated by the rich white men who have been 'destroying' the country, or if said radio personality were to call Christians or Jews non-humans, or say that when it came to conservatives, the best solution would be to 'hang 'em high.' … After all, those are among the things said by radio host and best-selling author Michael Savage … “

Provocative. Let the comments begin.

LA Weekly