The rock and roll fairy tale has more to do with booze-fueled, groupie-filled nights than it does babies and happily-ever-after romances. But for Dan Reynolds and Aja Volkman-Reynolds, the latter is proving to be true.

At first glance the pair are a bit of an odd couple, Reynolds towering over Volkman-Reynolds' tiny frame. Yet moments into observing their quirky compatibility, the pair are completely charming. Both serve as lead singers of separate rock bands, he with indie outfit Imagine Dragons and she with L.A. favorites Nico Vega. The two met in 2010 after playing at Wasted Space in Las Vegas, where they performed on the same bill. While they felt an immediate spark, marriage wasn't exactly on either of their radars.

“It seemed that music was the only link we had. But as we got to know each other on a more personal level, we found that we had so many similarities in our hearts that it was scary. I never had met someone who I connected to so instantly. Everything about her captivated me. I needed to know her,” says Reynolds.

They've been married a year and a half and are expecting their first child next month — which coincides with Imagine Dragons' rise to commercial success. After signing to Interscope subsidary KIDinaKORNER records, the group's anthemic first single “It's Time” continues to climb the Billboard Alternative chart. With a recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, an upcoming gig at Paramount Studios tonight and their debut full-length album Night Visions due out September 4th, Imagine Dragons are charging ahead.

But where does a family fit into the burgeoning success of a rock band?

“We are definitely going to be an out-of-the-box family,” says Reynolds. “We try not to compare anything about our family to others. We wake up every day and just make decisions that we feel are the best for us. I think our children are in for quite an adventure.”

Pregnancy hasn't bridled Volkman-Reynolds' sense of adventure, considering the singer only stopped touring with Nico Vega in her seventh month of pregnancy. The group remains an L.A. staple, with an album slated for release later this year.

As if they didn't already have enough going on, the husband and wife team also formed a side project, Egyptian. “Fade,” off Egyptian's self-titled EP, landed a spot on the soundtrack of the film Answers to Nothing, in which Volkman-Reynolds made her professional acting debut, alongside comedian-cum-actor Dane Cook.

Despite the music industry's shaky track record for having a thriving family as well as a career, the couple remains focused and committed — and their child has an unconventional and colorful future ahead of her. As for growing up and throwing on one of her parents' records, Volkman-Reynolds isn't expecting much.

“I don't think any child thinks their own parent is cool after a certain age, so who knows if they will enjoy the music,” she says, laughing. “We both have incredibly positive messages in our music, and I hope that she can see that we have both used our ability to write as an aid in self-empowerment.”

Imagine Dragons play tonight at Paramount Studios.

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