A bill by Los Angeles state Sen. Curren Price that was scheduled to go to the assembly's transportation committee next week would authorize the Department of Motor Vehicles to study implementation of customizable, digital license plates, a spokeswoman from his office told the Weekly.

Although much press has been focused on an aspect of the bill that would look at possible advertising messages on the plates, another aspect intrigued us even more: Messages that could be customized by drivers. As in, FU AHOL? LRN2DRV? K MY A?

Under the language of the bill, the DMV would look at ” … options for the driver of the vehicle to display and to change the messages displayed on the digital electronic license


Wow. We like. Unfortunately, we don't think the DMV would recommend driver control of such a digital billboard in a million years. Too many car-to-car shootings would ensue. And gangsters could use the plates to throw their neighborhoods on their bumpers, ESE. Not good.

The gist of the bill is to save and earn money by allowing the DMV to activate and control a plate's validity remotely and to sell plate advertising (it likely would be allowed only when a vehicle is stopped). This part we don't like, because we don't want to be seen endorsing PREP H while trying to look cool in our ride.

LA Weekly