Alt-comedy's “It” girl returns to Largo for Janeane Garofalo & Friends. Where's she been? Oh, just doing her regular gig on 24, with a bunch of movies in the works, while spending no time whatsoever updating her Web site (hire me!). Though she no longer gets to talk politics on now-defunct Air America, no doubt she'll bring some of her Rachel Maddow-y chutzpah to the stage. Now in her mid-40s, Garofalo recently said in an interview, “I think I'm on the 'has-been' list until I'm not. It's like a game of Red Rover, and somebody says 'come over.'” The acting roles seem to be steady, but what we love about Garofalo is her comic integrity. With just a microphone, she's been know to sock it to the man — or whomever needs socking — while giving the audience reason to spit up their Stella Artois. Example: “Do you know that there are people who were born in 1989? That's real. That's true. I have met them. I actually met somebody born in 1991. How is that technically possible? That means that I was already a blackout drunk with an eating disorder, and you were just joining us.”

Wed., May 5, 8 p.m., 2010

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