Remember Mr. Heckles, the weird downstairs neighbor on Friends? How about the actor who played Kramer in the show-within-a-show on Seinfeld? Maybe you know him as Clint Eastwood’s cell neighbor in Escape From Alcatraz? In any case, you know the face, trust us. And actor Larry Hankin is also a writer. He’ll take part in Vicki Abelson’s Women Who Write (and More Than Occasionally, Exceptional Men Who Do, Too). And what will he be reading? “Well, I’ll be reading three things. The first is a 3 1/2-minute rant of a young man who’s just been told by his girlfriend that their relationship is over. The other two are poems that reference a 65-year-old character I’ve created for myself and have written a feature movie and a one-man show about. His name is Emmett Deemus. He refers to himself as ‘The Outlaw Emmett Deemus’ and, basically, he’s Don Quixote on a funky old motorcycle sworn to ‘save road pilgrims from injustices, fight the Man and make some news.’ One of the two is his rhyming rant about the world as he sees it, and the third and last is a poem about him and his travels across the country and how he saved a young woman’s life, in the style of a classic Lewis Carroll ballad.” Also on the bill: Amy Friedman reads from her memoir, Desperado’s Wife, the story of the seven years she spent married to a man who was in prison; Louise Palanker reads from Journals: Middle School Love & War, which she calls “the semi-autobiographical tale of an awkwardly nervous tomboy facing the challenges of middle school life in 1970 Buffalo while secretly reading her father’s World War II journal”; Abelson reads from Don’t Jump; plus music by Steve Postell of Pure Prairie League. Private residence in Montrose; location with resv.;

Tue., June 28, 11 a.m., 2011

LA Weekly