If the they beat Utah Monday night, the Los Angeles Lakers could complete a rare postseason sweep for the squad, matching the purple and gold against … Arizona's pro team in the Western Conference finals. That's the state that enacted a controversial law empowering police to ask people they suspect of being in the United States illegally to provide proof of residence.

With all the hard-line talk at Los Angeles City Hall about boycotting Arizona business over the law, what will be L.A.'s stance when it comes to a potential conference finals series against the Phoenix team? Will that squad's temporary name change to “Los Suns” soften the City Council's stance toward it?

In his zeal to teach Arizona a lesson, will Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa forgo Jack Nicholson-adjacent seats and, more importantly for him, national television exposure?

The City Council is expected to take up a proposal by Janice Hahn and Ed Reyes to shut off official city business with Arizona-based enterprises. We've reported previously that this would be hard, given that the city has ownership interest a couple Arizona power plants that provide energy for the city (one of the plants, we've been told, is on sovereign native land and wouldn't count as far as a boycott goes).

Do NBA games count? Probably not. We'd expect that any city officials attending a potential series against Phoenix would doing so on his or her own time, with his or her own money (right?). Still, it would be a symbolic gesture and prove that city leaders aren't only down when it's convenient.

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