If Anyone Can, BlueBucksClan: DJ and Jeeezy, aka the BlueBucksClan, are L.A. born and raised, and they’re taking their show out to the OC in Friday. Expect to hear recent single “See the Difference,” and so much more. 

The two men grew up together, played Little League together, went to high school together, played football together. Since forming in 2019, numerous projects including the Clan Virus EP earned them rave reviews and plaudits from all corners. Pitchfork, for example, called them “L.A.’s Best Duo,” while Billboard listed them in their “6 Rappers to Watch in 2021” feature. They’ve come a long way, since bonding on a football field.

“We were so comfortable doing it with each other, knowing each other, comfortable around each other, and that’s how all our friends were,” says DJ. “We never thought we were gonna do that, but once we started, we kept going.”

“We just try to be different,” adds Jeeezy, continuing the theme. “Just do our own thing. That’s why we have the mix tapes – no rules. We never had a certain way of doing things, we just do whatever we feel is right.”

If Anyone Can, BlueBucksClan: The event starts at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 1 at the Observatory.


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