DJLargeIDRISS D is a Lunatic 2: Electronic artist  IDRISS D, who dabbles in his jungle and drum and bass roots, has been DJing since 1998 when he was living in Algeria, playing with K7 decks and a Pitch Amatoriale Control.

“My first record release was out in 2007, and I was putting all my focus and passion into music since day 1,” he says. “I remember I used to play tracks from Larry Levan and Funky K7 when others were playing DJ Bobo. At the time it was a passion but when I started to get releases and shows which actually paid me (the first was in 2002) then I realised this could be something I can actually eat and live off.”

Today, IDRISS D says that he essentially plays electronic music, in venues of all sizes, “as well as minimal and electronica, with drum and bass influence,” he says. “Sometimes it’s trippy and sometimes it’s more than big banger track.”

His latest release is Lunatic 2.

“I started to work on the release in March 2023,” he says. “Lunatic 2 is the follow up from the first release Lunatic. It showcases my jungle and breaks side which I like and enjoy experimenting with. The first release has a remix from DJ Sotofett, so I wanted to get another killer remix option for the lead track on this next release. I messaged someone I have always admired – Gilb’R. We got talking and he provided us with the amazing rework – which I love playing.”

Regarding the current state of electronic music, IDRISS D says that he doesn’t wallow in nostalgia, preferring to look ahead.

“There are tons of DJs around, playing in sync after 4 weeks of training, but its short lived, and I hope that people can tell the difference between those who have been doing this for years for all the right reasons and others who want quick fame in exchange for a (most likely) short career,” he says.

IDRISS D has plenty planned for the rest of the year.

“First up is the EP Lunatic 2 which is out on my label Memento records on the 27th October,” he says. “We have the vinyl also coming out the first week of October, for the vinyl lovers and collectors (still lots of us!). I have just come back from the US, playing two shows in New York and another in Detroit. And now I am about to have 10 days off to re-fresh.”

IDRISS D is a Lunatic 2: IDRISS D’s Lunatic 2 is out October 27.



















































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