Oh Juggalos. You know we love ya. But after reports of attacks on Method Man and Tila Tequila (who received some serious injuries) during the Gathering of the Juggalos, we have to ask: Is nothing sacred? I mean, everything is miracles. Right?

Meth and Tequila both have expressed interest in bringing ICP to court, but ICP has denied responsibility for the attacks.

According to a statement by Juggalo Gathering LLC, passed on to us by our friends at OC Weekly, the crowd was “mocked” and “antagonized” when Tila Tequila exposed herself to the audience.

Like Huey Lewis says, it's just the power of Juggs.

Read ICP LLC's entire statement and watch Tequila get pummeled with trash after the jump.

Although what happened to Tila Tequila at the 11th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos is extremely unfortunate, Juggalo Gathering, LLC and Insane Clown Posse are not responsible. Ms. Tequila was made aware, in advance, of her unpopularity with many Juggalos at the Gathering, but she insisted on performing.

She was even paid in full before her performance, and was told that she did not have to perform, but if she did decide to perform, she could leave the stage the minute that she felt uncomfortable. Gathering's head of security told her that it was unsafe to go on stage, and recommended that she leave the Gathering grounds. Despite warnings and already being paid without being required to perform, Ms. Tequila made the decision to go onto the stage and perform. As soon as her show started the crowd began to boo heavily and throw garbage. It was immediately obvious that she was not welcome. Her injuries were only sustained because of her refusal to leave the stage. After several minutes, she even removed her top, exposing herself, which seemed to mock and further antagonize the crowd. Finally, Gathering security pulled her off of the stage. Soon after, she was escorted to her car, and was driven safely off of the Gathering grounds.

Special Juggalo message: Maybe you should hone your garbage throwing skills for another target.

LA Weekly