Icon Zar de Mallorca: A best-selling artist of enormous passion and a genuine purpose.

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She has proved her excellence by diving deep into the profound world of art as a Mediterranean artist, a businesswoman and much more.

It is truly surreal to notice how a few individuals have remained ahead of the curve and have gone ahead in proving to the world how age, gender, background or any other parameter set by society has nothing to do with the success one achieves in his/her life. These individuals radiate sheer brilliance and genius in all that they choose to do in their careers and lives and, in the process, also shine brighter than the rest to eventually pose as a great example for others to follow.

The world has seen a surge in the number of several such female professionals, who today have reached the forefront of almost all industries in the world. However, a few rare gems like Icon Zar de Mallorca have stunned people across the globe with what they have achieved in their journeys.

Wondering who really is Icon Zar de Mallorca? Well, this Mediterranean artist has risen to the top as a seasoned artist and a one-of-a-kind businesswoman who has broken the glass ceiling and made a special place for herself in the world of art, business and more. Her creative visions, coupled with her genuine intent to do path-breaking work as a best-selling artist in HMH Art Gallery, Port Andratx, has propelled her to the top, inspiring many other women vying to follow in her footsteps.

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She proudly calls herself a Rebel at Heart, a growing local art concierge and an unstoppable business partner in her endeavours in Mallorca. Having more than two decades of experience in the business world has only strengthened her pursuit of doing more to add value to people’s lives through her work. Since “Art” is her strength, she aims to bring about necessary social changes through the same.

As a businesswoman, Icon Zar, who is also the Art Ambassador for the gallery, successfully runs her own online business through Instagram; her unique physical art Atelier/Art agency is located between the luxurious beach in Cala Major and Calanova port, a place near the summer Residence of the Spanish Royal Family.

“I have been a curious soul all my life, who would find art in everything and anything she would see around her or feel. Hence, my quest to go deeper into and beyond art was natural. Today, I am a talent hunter, networker, and art collector of the artworks of celebrities and their famous offspring. I am an art investor, who lives and breathes everything art,” she highlights. As a talent scout, she finds new talent to promote, harnessing the power of exclusive interviews, branding support, strategic selling opportunities in the flourishing Mediterranean art market, etc., to help artists gain the right opportunities and the recognition that follows.

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Icon Zar also highlights how her contemporary art is her voice. She is a journalist of color who reflects the current times. It is her personal time capsule and time machine. She is the brain behind Icon Zar Art Agency, founded by her in 2021 in the picturesque Cala Mayor Beach, a few meters from the Royal Palace. And, just beside that, she works at the atelier as an artist and art agent.

Speaking more about Icon Zar Art Agency, the much-talked-about artist says it has significantly grown as an online platform bridging the gap between European and American art markets and her future museum. This has helped artists, art collectors, art lovers, and sponsors come together.

The CEO, Owner, Creative Director and Artist have also remained a notable personality for their humanitarian works. She is associated with “Save the Children” in Ukraine, where a percentage of her special series artwork is donated. Another organization she is associated with is “Save the Med,” a Sea organization, as a Sea Ambassador for Seahorses. Icon Zar also promotes the Florence-based www.Treedom.net organization, which plants trees with an online application. They have already planted over 3,000,000 trees in Africa, South America and Italy.

Icon Zar de Mallorca, the Goodwill Ambassador for anti-drug propaganda, is a trailblazer, a proponent of tech-based innovations and an art lover who is now determined to build her Museum of European and American Art in Mallorca.

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