Did you hear? Jon and Vinny's opened this week! And everyone is talking about it

John Birdsall this week wrote an open letter to Owen Van Natta, a tech guy who owns a ramen restaurant in San Francisco. Why should we care? Because it gets to the heart of what's important in the food world, about how the creators are often not the ones with the money, and how their creations can be taken from them without a second thought. Birdsall argues passionately for cooks everywhere.

Los Angeles Magazine's drinks issue is on stands now. Online, check out Caroline on Crack's list of spring cocktails around town

Speaking of LA Mag, they join the increasingly trendy trend of writing about chain restaurants with a Longform essay about Panda Express by Ed Leibowitz

And speaking of essays about fast food, Smithsonian magazine asks: Has McDonald's reached the end of its success?

There's a lot of frozen listeria concerns this week, with both Blue Bell and Jeni's Splendid ice creams recalling products and shutting down stores. 

More L.A. restaurant news: Short Order at the Grove has bitten the dust, but two Mozza alums are planning a Spanish concept in the location called Bar Moruno (with an outpost also at Grand Central Market). Moby will open Little Pine in Silver Lake. And: SHAKE SHACK IS COMING!!! SHAKE SHACK IS COMING!!! 

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