Meghan McCain, the daughter of Senator John McCain, has been emoting about her post-election blues lately on her blog and at the Daily Beast, from which has been quoting at length this week. One of Meghan's pet peeves, we learn is other people — not just those who “openly voted for Barack Obama,” as she oddly puts it, but even her dad's supporters.

“I am not only turned off by people who voted for Barack Obama,” she writes in the Daily Beast, “but I am

also turned off by people that voted for my dad–or more so, obsessive

supporters of my dad.”

Meghan McCain and Linda Ramone

But that only extends to guys, it turns out, as her piece was titled “Looking for Mr. Far Right.” One of her ardent gal pals on the campaign

trail was Los Angeles resident Linda Ramone, widow of Johnny, and

presumably they are still tight.

On her campaign blog,

Meghan had allowed that the Ramones were her “favorite band of all

time” and was thrilled to spend time with the Widow Ramone, whom she

described as “a living legend in the history of rock music.” Last

November the N.Y. Post's Page Six reported

that Meghan had told people that after the election she was going to

move into the guest house of Ramone's Beverly Glen home in the Santa

Monica Mountains.

McCain campaigners J.D. King and Linda Ramone (Click to enlarge)


like her late husband, is a tireless champion of the Republican Party.

She also is a tireless promoter of J.D. King, a young country singer

(and reportedly, her boyfriend) whose MySpace 

profile somewhat improbably lists as a friend Johnny Ramone, who died

in 2004. Then again, King also counts Scott Joplin and as a MySpace

friend. And anyway, Johnny Ramone's MySpace page lists J.D. King as his friend, so  there's an equilibrium at work. Somewhere.

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