The Symbiosis Gathering 2013 went down in Oakdale, CA this past weekend, providing eager festies one more opportunity to get loose before festival season winds down for the fall. Check out our review of the event here.

The crowd was eclectic, with many costumed attendees looking like they had rolled in straight from Burning Man. (At least one person did, as did some of the art and one of the art cars.) The situation was interesting, highly fun and quite quotable. Here are the best and funniest things we heard come out of folks' mouths.

“It's 1pm, and I am officially drunk.” — pretty girl wearing a cape, to another pretty girl wearing a top hat, on Sunday afternoon

“Hey, after this let's go find the guy with the wagon full of crystal balls!” –woman enthusiastically making plans during STS9's set

“Dammit! I forgot all of my hula hoops back at the tent.” — leather-clad woman who didn't want to go anywhere without her hula hoops, walking into the festival on Saturday morning

Credit: Katie Bain

Credit: Katie Bain

“Get out from under the geodesic dome! The geodesic dome is made of metal!” — woman trying to clear the dome during Saturday's lightning storm.

“Technology is often the sacrifice of connectedness.” technology expert and lecturer Bruce Damer

“Let's go meditate by the lake between sets.” — group of STS9 fans, during their show

“I haven't been home since before Burning Man. I'm exhausted.” — middle aged man, (who did look pretty worn out) at The Cove stage on Friday

Saul Williams; Credit: Katie Bain

Saul Williams; Credit: Katie Bain

“Your weapons are phallic. All of them.” — spoken word artist Saul Williams, who performed a poetry slam about war and the power of feminine energy

“You're really beautiful, and I really love you.” — a woman, to her lady friend, on the dance floor at 3am on Sunday

“I just ate two breakfast burritos. It's okay though. They were both organic.” — dreaded guy hanging out by the food vendors

Credit: Brittany Nelson

Credit: Brittany Nelson

“Psy-trance is terrifying. I feel like I'm stuck in a video game. Let's get out of here.” — two psy-trance haters, at the Empire of Love Stage on Saturday night

No one got looser than we did last night.” — good looking couple floating around the lake on pool toys on Sunday afternoon

“I just went skinny dipping in the lake, and it felt so good.” — woman wearing only a towel who had just come out of the lake

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