Santa Monica seafood restaurant i. Cugini, open for over 20 years on Ocean Avenue, announced plans to close this summer, by June 19th. “It was a very difficult decision for us to make,” says Sam King, CEO of King's Seafood Company, in a press release. “We truly enjoyed operating i. Cugini over the past 21 years and after very careful consideration decided that the restaurant did not fit into future plans for the company,” he added.

The company, which owns several restaurants nearby, including Water Grill and Ocean Avenue Seafood, says it's relocating the crew to other SoCal-area restaurants. King's Seafood's newest project, fast casual Fish Camp in Huntington Beach, opened in June of 2010.

But it's not over until the last burner is out. Over the next 60 days i. Cugini will serve diners their signature Mediterranean-style seafood including plates of whole-cooked fish, shrimp-intensive pasta, and marinated black mussels. Reservations for Easter and Mother's Day jazz brunches are still available.

LA Weekly