We've received a link from someone who knows someone who purports to know what working for Courtney Love is like. Somewhere along that chain of anonymity someone created a cheap, Lego-style computer animation of a purported backstage conversation between La Love and one of her indentured servants tour managers.

Now, we don't say this actually happened. We don't say Courtney ever dropped trou and wiped her cooter in front of her employees so that she “wouldn't go on Jay Leno with a fragrant vagina.” We're not even positive any of her minions ever said she looked like “a tranny prom queen” to her face.

We don't know shit.

What we do know is that the parody video is damn hilarious. Watch (oh, yeah, audio super NSFW, but since it's Courtney we're talking about, you probably already figured that out):

LA Weekly