HyperNatural: Where Crab Shells and Jade Create Bio-Performance Tees

Sick of t-shirts that stink after a single workout? Tired of throwing away shirts after a few months because they’ve stretched out or the fabric feels like sandpaper? Your t-shirt woes are over. Meet HyperNatural – they’ve reinvented the humble tee using natural materials to create the most comfortable, high-performance shirt you’ll ever put on your back.

The secret sauce is their proprietary fabric blend that includes real jade stone for natural cooling properties and chitin derived from crab shells for antimicrobial odor protection. Combined with ultra-soft Supima cotton and a touch of stretchy recycled spandex, these shirts feel like butter but cool better than a polyester workout tee.

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“We wanted to make a shirt you can literally wear for days without it stinking or getting gross,” says Chris Kolbe, co-founder of HyperNatural. “Our shirts naturally resist odors so you can wear one to the gym, then run errands, meet friends for drinks, and even sleep in it without having to change or wash it.”

It sounds too good to be true, but the jade stone has an actual cooling effect to lower skin temp before you break a sweat, while the crab shell component stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria. “I put it to the test by wearing a HyperNatural tee for 5 straight days of regular activity and it honestly still had no odor,” Chris notes.

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Beyond the technical wizardry, these shirts are simply smart with a minimalist design. The fit is standard but not restricting, with just the right amount of stretch. And the dye colors are clean of toxins and Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

HyperNatural shirts strike the perfect balance of comfort, performance, and style that makes them a versatile piece you can work across your entire casual wardrobe. Work to work out.

“We want guys to be able to grab a single HyperNatural shirt for a weekend getaway and know they can wear it for everything – working out, heading to the beach, going out at night, even sleeping in it,” says Chris. “It’s quite literally the last tee they’ll need to pack.”

While the fabrics deliver on performance, the ingredients list also checks the ethics box, with Roughly half of the materials are recycled or regenerated, including jade stone (collected from mining waste), crab shells (a byproduct of seafood processing), and recycled cotton scraps.

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The brand is on a mission to make polyester and other synthetic fabrics obsolete by proving that nature can outperform petrol-based products. Their polo shirts have earned rave reviews and put the eco brand on the map in many golf and country clubs. Now they’re bringing their innovative materials to casual menswear.

“We think the way people look at luxury is changing,” explains Chris. “The new status isn’t always having something opulent and expensive. Sometimes it’s having something exceptional to wear that aligns with your deeper values of wellness and the environment.”

For guys who want to simplify their wardrobe without sacrificing performance, comfort, or style, HyperNatural has cracked the code. Their shirts made from jade, crab, and cotton just might be the most versatile tee on the planet that you can sweat in, chill out in, and then catch some z’s – all without a single wash in between. Now that’s fresh.

Visit https://hypernaturalstyle.com/ to experience materials made better by nature.

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