If  you spent the better part of your holiday season worried about a possible Sriracha shortage and thus spent much too much time buying out your market's supply of Huy Fong Foods' incredibly popular version of the sauce, you no longer need to fret: A spokesperson from Huy Fong told ABC News that they “plan to resume shipments at the end of the month.” At which time you maybe should redirect all of your hoarding energy into assembling an earthquake survival kit instead.

As you might recall, Huy Fong has been fighting its home city of Irwindale since last fall, following complaints from residents about the allegedly pungent odors emanating from the hot chilis the company uses to make the sauce. In November, the judge on the case ordered Huy Fong to stop any operations that could cause the smells but declined to completely shut down the factory.

The recent delay in shipments of the sauce, then, came last month, after the California Department of Public Health reviewed the company's production process and determined that “a [30-day] hold time was necessary to ensure an effective treatment of micro-organisms present in the product.” With that hold time now almost over, shipments can resume soon. Not soon enough, really.

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