Its bastardization of The Beatles in those relentlessly dizzying TV commercials aside, we still pledge undying love for Target. Where else can you buy milk, makeup and designer duds in fell swoop? Thanks to the discount chain’s Go International fashion collaborations, we’ve been getting plenty of the later too- Proenza Schouler, Luella Bartley, Libertine, Jovovich-Hawk being favorites. (Erin Featherston and Alice Temperley’s offerings? Not so much. )

Rogan, the latest designer to create clothing for the chain, unveiled his collection last week, but not amid the frozen food and tampons at one of our local Tar-jays. The preview sale (open to VIPs Thursday night and the public over the weekend) was at uber-pricey Beverly Hills designer depot Barney’s New York, and we’re guessing the clothes were the cheapest pieces ever to be seen there.

The designer, whose full name is Rogan Gregory, was on hand for the event –along with a host of celebs (see this week's Nightranger to find out who) and the handsome, ponytail sporting chap told us he was overwhelmed by the turnout and response to the line (blogs are loving it), which has a decidedly 80’s feel with an abundance of animal prints emblazoning everything from dresses to bathing suits.

The designer hangs at the racks.

“I’m obsessed with black and white,” he told us. “ But there are meaningful pops of color too. I was going for soulful modernism.”

Did he accomplish this? Yes and no. As a self-professed ‘70’s boho babe, we’re admittedly biased against '80’s flavored fashion, and we found the zebra print pieces (tops, denim skirts, shorts) a bit too loud (Heidiwood for Anchor Blue uses a similar size zebra print- nuff said). Still, twentysomethings who didn’t wear stuff like this the first time around will probably love it, and the subtle color notes (turquoise and yellow tees, hot pink buttons) recall the new wave wear that’s so hot with the Rayban-sporting set right now.

There's actually something here for everyone. The cuts on some of the dresses -which run about 40 bucks- are extremely flattering especially for this price point. We snatched up a less gaudy black (on black) zebra print halter dress that makes our waist look tiny, matching leggings, a strapless tube frock with ruched-top ala Juicy, and a blue tank with burned-out leopard spots (they really pop with a black bra underneath). The ‘80s accents are there, but they’re more Madonna than metal mama. Our total for all of it was under $150. A real steal.

The shopping frenzy at Barney's.

Other pieces we liked (just not for our bod): a black shorts jumper (with pink, blue and yellow buttons), a black and white leopard spotted bikini and, the piece that’s sure to be the hottest item in the line- the snow-leopard spotted tunic/tent dress- seen in the ads and the first to go at the bash.

The best part about Rogan for Target’s collection? All of it is 100% organic, which the designer told us wasn’t as difficult to manufacture as some might assume. “Sustainable fabrics are perceived as a luxury,” he said. “But they’re really not. Target’s pretty good at this by now, so they didn’t have a problem when I requested these materials. It’s our responsibility not to leave this world a total disaster for our offspring.”

These shoes (on Rachel Bilson) have nothing to do with the line, but how wild are they?

If eco-friendly can be fierce and cheap too, all the better! The line is currently available at a Target near you, but as with previous GO collabs, the best stuff is probably already gone. Try buying it online here.

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