It was a wild night in the neighbor's yard for a miniature Siberian husky in Huntington Park.

Local dreamer Petey and another unidentified mini Siberian ducked a fence on the 3700 block of Grand Avenue in Huntington Park at about 8 p.m. for a fantasy of a backyard romp. Apparently, the neighboring lawn sits atop what City News Service calls a “network” of underground holes.

Like any small dog in his right mind, Petey went about navigating the tunnels, which L.A. County firemen believe were made by either gophers or rabbits.

As he's only a helpless little 20-pounder, Petey soon became trapped in his awesome sci-fi dream fort, and couldn't (or wouldn't) come out for the three hours that his owners tried to coax him.

Who you gonna call? The Los Angeles County Fire Department, no duh! The professionals who finally pulled Petey from the ground around midnight are trained specially in “urban search-and-rescue.”

Here's where you realize you just read the most pointless news story of all time, via City News Service:

“Petey's coat of hair is usually light and shiny but he was dirty brown by the time firefighters saved him, according to RMG News.”

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