Surf City USA just got more waves this week as the Huntington Beach City Council voted 5-2 to annex the small, neighboring ocean-side community of Sunset Beach.

While residents in the Sunset Beach Community Association didn't want to become a part of the larger city, Huntington Beach officials kept their eyes on the prize — the $624,000 or so in annual property, sales and occupancy taxes the annexation could bring. And some of that money could be coming from sales of weed … maybe:

Our sister blog Navel Gazing at OC Weekly notes that Sunset Beach has been somewhat of a medical marijuana retailing hot spot in the area (one of the dispensaries is said to be tied to one up here, in Venice). H.B., on the other hand, doesn't allow pot shops.

It looks like they're out of business unless Surf City mellows its harsh and allows dispensaries within its (newly expanded) boundaries.

LA Weekly