After a performer fell nearly two stories over the holiday break during a performance at the Beverly Center mall, the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health stepped in late Monday to announce it is investigating the show's organizer.

The 20-foot fall happened Saturday during a performance of “Hunky Santa and the Candy Cane Girls” a display of acrobatic, aerialist moves by fit men and women dressed in Christmas-themed costumes. The 26-year-old performer broke a wrist and pelvis after slipping from an aerial perch and taking a dive to the ground floor as shoppers watched in horror.

The mall downplayed the incident, with a spokeswoman saying, “These are all world-class performers, they do this all the time … It was a human error, basically.”

Cal-OSHA might have a second opinion. Spokesman Dean Fryer told LA Weekly Monday “we've established our jurisdiction and we are conducting an investigation.”

Asked if investigators would focus on whether the performers should have the benefit of a safety net, Fryer said “we'll have to look at that.”

“We'll look at the cause of this accident,” he said, “and we'll look at what the employer can do to prevent future accidents.”

KTLA News has mobile-phone video of the fall, here.

For now, however, Fryer said the show can go on. Organizer Hollywood Aerial Acts has stated that performances will be back starting Friday at 5 p.m. and are scheduled to continue throughout the holiday shopping season.

LA Weekly