Ah, the much-maligned Hummer, destroyer of rugged terrain, vestige of the go-go '00s, guzzler of gasolina. In its life under the General Motors umbrella it had become the symbol of all things eco-unconscious.

Well, time heals (unless you're dealing with global warming, in which case it makes things worse).

An L.A. architecture firm is flipping the script on the Hummer:

HplusF (Hodgetts + Fung) is using the vehicle as a basis for an eco-friendly “Hummer House.”

Well, they're using it as a basis for some designs for a house (as far as we can tell none have been built). But you get the picture. Kind of cool.

Good has the deets, including that eight Hummer bodies would be used (looks like H2s to us) to take some beasts off the street and give them a permanent home.

Now L.A. Department of Transportation honcho Jaime de la Vega can take the city-owned Hummer he was driving and put it to enviro-conscious use.


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