I’m the Earth
I gave you perfect bodies of water; oceans, seas and rivers
I gave you perfect landscapes; forests, mountains and desserts
I gave you all that is perfect!
I offered you a perfect place to turn it into a home

Instead of taking care of it and cherishing it
You turned this fertile land into a wasteland
You turned your clean air into polluting air
I even watched you kill each other in the name of religion
I watched you hate each other because of skin color
And I watched you wage war to conquer more land and gain more power
Instead of giving birth to healthy minds
You gave birth to new bacterias and viruses
Instead of living a healthy life, you are suffering

Now it is the moment of truth; everything is on hold
Your war in the name of religion is on hold
Your war because of skin color is on hold
And your war for land and power is on hold
People of all religions
People of all colors
Old and young
Rich and poor
You are all fighting for the same cause
With no exception, you are all on the same battle field

For me, Earth, I can live forever
Let’s see how humanity is going to react
You have a choice to ignore this chaos or help each other survive
Staying home can be perceived as prison or as connecting with family
Being quarantined can be perceived as a punishment or it can be seen as Earth is taking a break, rebooting and recalibrating

Less cars on roads means cleaner air
Less planes in the air means less pollution
Less ships in the oceans and seas means cleaner bodies of water
Empty streets means connecting with loved ones
Time to reflect
Time to read
Time to heal
Even maybe time to spring clean your home, play games and talk
Take a walk in nature and appreciate what I have given you
Listen to the birds, crickets, waves, running streams
Listen to the wind
Appreciate what I have offered you

You complain that you are always rushed and have no time to sit and do things
Well now time is in your hands
Take advantage!
Each and every one of you is a smoking gun
You might be the one but does’t know it! Let’s see how responsible you are
You either infect or protect
You either regress or progress
Your choice!
Think about it!
It is all on you
I wish you all good luck!
I got used to you humans and prefer you to the next species
Remember that with or without you, I will exist!


Dina Haddad is a poet living in Orange County. 

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