How Tyrelle Anderson-brown, aka The Krypto King, Built A 6 Figure Marketing Agency From His Bedroom

Tyrelle Anderson-brown, aka The Krypto King, has made a huge name in the global crypto space thanks to his constant efforts towards building. The entrepreneur and investor from Dubai started from rags, and now he isn’t just making it big himself but is helping others in doing it as well.

The Krypto King is the Founder and owner of Interstellar Ventures, a leading Venture Capital Network in Cryptocurrency. On one side, he provides services to ‘raise the standard of a project’ like Crypto KOL Service PR, Press, Verification, and Marketing Advisory, and simultaneously, he also runs a telegram group through which he helps the members make a profit from the crypto market by sharing early opportunities.

Interestingly, Tyrelle Anderson-brown didn’t have anything big when he started. He was financially broke but had an undying will to do big. He started his company from his bedroom, which has now transformed into a  6 figure marketing agency. In this time period, he has gone through a really tough phase, including crypto bear markets. Now, his success speaks for himself as he is an inspiration for millions and is educating thousands.

Iman Ghazi has interviewed the Krypto King. He partnered with Ecom King for e-commerce mentoring and appeared on Channel 5 Rich House Poor House for e-commerce.

Talking about his goal, The Krypto King says he aims to inspire others and show people that there is a different way of life than the 9-5 or selling drugs to make a living. “You don’t have to become a millionaire but if you can at least make enough wage online then you can be free to travel the world without being scared to go jail or get fired from your job,” he says.

The Krypto King has huge plans for the future and says he will have a $100m  portfolio before he turns 28. He is currently 23 and believes this current recession is the biggest opportunity that he’ll have in his lifetime. “The investment opportunities right now are huge”, he mentions.

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