Those organic bananas you bought from Whole Foods — sure, they might be kinda cool, but you know what's really cool? Bananas with tattoos. Nobody wants to mess with fruit that's got a sweet tat (or eat it, really).

The time-lapse video on the next page is the work of artist Phil Hansen, who uses a push pin to pierce the outer peel of the fruit, which exposes the interior to air, causing it to rot and turn brown. The result is classic art pieces, like Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, re-created on a yellow, awkwardly shaped canvas.

Hansen is promoting his new book, Tattoo a Banana, which is a guidebook to turn things lying around the kitchen — a piece of toast, pudding, a stack of marshmallows — into art. The book even has a special section dedicated to banana stencils.

We just hope he's using those overripe bananas to make some banana bread afterward.

LA Weekly