I've come across a duo that works together to teach the men of L.A. (and the world I suppose) what it takes to bag a babe and not be a douche about it.

Well that's certainly a relief. Not sure what kind of curriculum most of these dudes have been studying, but if it's taught by someone named Atticus or uses tips from a bedazzled workbook, odds are it ain't gonna get you laid.

And honestly, what kind of credibility does a douche wearing a giant felt hat and binoculars around his neck have when it comes to impressing the ladies? Or teaching any other basic life skill, for that matter?

Well May 1 this aforementioned duo from the Pick Up Artist (PUA) community [EDITOR'S NOTE: There's a community of these people??] is hosting a specialized dating workshop meant to help men crack the mysterious code behind the female mind.

Good luck.

Pick Up Artist #1, JT Tran, will co-host this event with female pick-up trainer Kezia Noble and together try to help the poor souls who've decided to dive into the female psyche and figure out what the hell makes women so difficult to date. Or what they're doing horrendously wrong to make us all hate you.

Workshops like this discuss issues that arise in the modern dating world such as self confidence, body language, prejudice and appearance. Tran says he specializes in boosting the confidence and dating stamina of ethnic men.

“I often tell my clients that this is not your daddy's dating scene,” Tran said. “In the 21st century dating world, we are dealing with women who are both sexually and financially independent. My company teaches men how to be successful in the modern American dating scene, which is completely alien to many Asians and men from immigrant families.”

Certainly an interesting perspective. According to the workshop's announcement, Noble will chime in with advice about one-night stands and how to bag a babe for the evening. I put my money on JT Tran.

“One of the biggest complaints I hear from women is that men don't know how to approach them,” he said. “I think the Internet and hook-up culture have made things worse, because nowadays men don't even bother to introduce themselves. They go straight for the jugular, and that turns women off.”

Yes, yes, yesYES!

The PUA All Star Workshop will take place May 1 at 3 p.m. at 5405 Wilshire Blvd., suite 206, in Los Angeles.

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Image: Tina Phillips.

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