Ladies, sometimes without even knowing it, you can lose a guy in 5 minutes. Don't think this is possible and it's all hyperbole? Guess again. Men, though stereotyped on popular TV as cartoonish, ill-mannered, vile brutes, actually do have some standards when it comes to women. Here are a few you ways you can irritate and even lose your chance at a meaningful relationship with a man without even realizing you're doing it.

Paying for dinner on the first date: As much as we all agree that men and women should have equal rights, one thing that remains the same is chivalry. Under any circumstance, ladies, DO NOT pay for the first date. I don't care if the guy lost his wallet, got hit by a truck or is the most charming fella in the world, don't pay. Going into the first date, it's not only unwritten code, but obvious and courteous for a man to pay for a lady. If your date whips out the plastic or a wad of a cash, just be thankful instead of insistent. Being pushy about paying the first date's bill will send the wrong message.

Emailing or texting too frequently: So your first night went swimmingly and there were no problems to report, how do you want to follow it up? By letting the dude do the heavy lifting. There's no need to get crazy and start incessantly emailing or texting him two days after your first date. If he likes you, which the chances are if you had meaningful conversation and ended on a high note, then he'll get a hold of you. Being over-aggressive via technology not only is annoying and overbearing after the first date, but it's a major turnoff that screams crazy.

Changing your relationship status on Facebook: We've moved down the road. It's been more than a handful of dates and things are going alright. How can you screw that up? Easy. By asking your dude if it's kosher to change your relationship status online after the first few dates. That screeching sound isn't just the sound of your man zooming away from your date or the proverbial “I'm getting a pack of cigarettes, and will be right back,” its jumping the gun. Unless it's been about, oh, let's say four months or so, let the dude bring it up. Otherwise you're being a pushy and can be a turnoff.

And lastly…

Complaining of gas or stomach problems after dinner: Want to lose a guy in 45 seconds? Then let a big ol' disgusting fart rip. Guys can be an understanding bunch, but when it comes to a first date and seeing/smelling a lady let go, well, let's just say it's not attractive. To make it worse, don't complain that it was the food that was the cause of your action. That won't fly. Just be quiet and pretend like it didn't happen instead of going into full defense mode. Bathroom talk on the first date is the fastest way to lose a guy without even realizing.

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