“I've got a boyfriend.”

When a guy hears those words, he usually responds by showing sudden lack of interest, or he attempts to put down the boyfriend in question.

Neither of these responses work!

Never believe for a second that hearing those words means you can't sleep with her that very same night.

Women often say they are seeing someone in order to prevent the guy from hitting on her at bay. They even use the comment to test his intentions.

Some women are in fact “kind of” seeing somebody, but may describe the situation as something more than it actually is. And then there are the women who genuinely are in a solid relationship. But even they aren't necessarily off limits.

How you deal with the moment she says she has a boyfriend is crucial.

Simply look at her with a slightly puzzled expression on your face.

Try, “That's nice. Anyway, as I was saying…”

This will make her feel foolish for telling you, assuming you were hitting on her. You're showing her you have zero interest whether she has a boyfriend or not.

The other way to play this is to show an interest in her boyfriend, and NOT their relationship. Ask what he does, what he likes to do for fun, etc. Never respond negatively, always say he sounds like a really sweet guy.

Note the fact that I said “sweet” not “cool.”

Sweet, nice, lovely, cute. All of these are non-sexual descriptions. Eventually this so-called boyfriend is going to seem dull and safe and not exciting at all.

If you are planning on getting this girl back to your bed the same evening, then YOU MUST NEVER try to compete with the boyfriend. What he has to offer and what you have to offer are two entirely different things.

He offers stability and you offer risk.

If a girl shows last-minute resistance while she's giving you her phone number – “Well, I don't think my boyfriend would like this,” then respond to her as such:

“You're right, it would be so naughty to do something like that, especially since he sounds like such a sweetheart. Let's just Facebook each other, that way he wont get paranoid.”


This might not be as ideal as getting her number, but realistically how else can you respond? Most guys say that they just want a phone number to be friends, or they target the boyfriend by saying he sounds like a control freak.

None of these tactics will work. REMEMBER if she has a “sort of” boyfriend and splits up with him, then she will be far more drawn to you. She will remember that you showed no intention to go behind her boyfriend's back, and in fact you were the one who suggested carrying on the relationship via Facebook/MySpace – neutral territory.

Also, the last thing she wants is to get into another safe but essentially dull relationship. Instead she will want to go to a man who provides risk and excitement – which can be YOU.

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