LA Weekly After Dark editor Anne Hodder was on LA Talk Radio last week and she seemed to have forgotten to tell people to tune in.

Luckily for the world, it's available to download HERE so you can all listen in.

Why does it matter? Well besides the fact that Hodder and LA After Dark lets the rest of us rant and recount sex stories (and the lessons we learn once we come to and find our underwear), she and Dr. Lori Buckley – who also lends her knowledge to LA After Dark – have great chemistry.

They discuss sex toy trends, toys you can use while fucking with someone else, and great toys to use when you just want to fuck yourself.

(May is coming up, everyone…do you have the tools to make it a stellar Masturbation Month?)

Plus, well…it's just hot hearing women talk about sex. They're not shy.

Thanks to LA Talk Radio and Dr. Lori's show, “Sexy Stuff.” Keep it coming!

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