The biggest difference between illegal hooking and legal prostitution (besides the risk of disease, arrest and beatings) is the act — the art — of negotiation. Unlike illegal sex for sale, where prices are set like items on a menu, ladies who work in legal brothels negotiate the price of their parties.

Done well, a savvy sex provider can take home thousands of dollars a night.

Most of the girls who work in Nevada brothels come from a background of illegal escorting, or in some cases, street prostitution.

The skill most of these girls have mastered is picking up “johns,” or propositioning, whether on a street corner or over the phone. What they haven't learned is value pricing — and for good reason. On the street there's not a lot of time to haggle and dicker, not when you're looking for cops. And when a girl works as an escort, the price is established over the phone; she doesn't meet the client until an agreement has been finalized, often by a third party.

As a result, women who work outside the legal industry only know how to equate a certain sexual act with its price tag — this much for a blow job, this much for straight sex, anal, a hand-job etc. In those rare cases where negotiations take place, it is usually out of desperation and therefore favors the trick rather than the treat.

In a legal brothel, the negotiation can be an enjoyable part of the process for the client and the lady. For the guy, it's a way to get comfortable by talking, and for the girl it is a form of foreplay and tease.

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