It looks like former UCLA Bruin Alexandra Wallace's “Asians in the library” YouTube rant has inspired at least one really bad pretender. A video (after the jump) posted on Worldstarhiphop purports to teach the world “How to become Asian!”

It's a hyper-racist put-on complete with, taped-shut eyes, French's yellow mustard, an utterance, “Ching Chong,” that's no stranger to Wallace viewers, and a suggestion that “Asian people really like ramen noodles because it reminds them of cat intestines.”

We kid you not. The production has all the trappings of a media stunt:

It appears the same young white woman, named Nicole at this blog, posted a similar video in spring about how to be a “ghetto fabulous” black woman, complete with chocolate on her face.

Sophisticated, we know.

And are we the only ones who find it strange that these ugly skits find a home at a hip-hop site?

At least Alexandra Wallace paid for her fame after dissing and stereotyping Asian American students by dropping out of UCLA. Nicole remains anonymous.

The best thing to do here would be ignore her. But as with Wallace, it's hard not to pay attention to a young woman putting her foot in her mouth for all the world to see.


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